Trauma Services

The psychological component of the campaign concentrates on educating multipliers about detecting and addressing childhood trauma, we stock the schools with trauma therapy material such as the fabulous Trinka & Sam Books for earthquake victims, or toys for non-directive play therapy.

Dynamic Mindfullness

We teach practical tools to build resilience in groups that are exposed to personal crisis, natural disaster or violence. Tools include breath work, focus, and mindfullness through simple yoga exercises, surfing, Horse guided Empowerment© and urban art interventions.

Risk Mitigation

Fear can be reduced through information. In our talks we help kids to identify their fear and to confront it appropriately. We put emergency preparedness backpacks in each classroom, teach first aid and emergency drills and offer technical talks about natural disaster.

Help us to reduce fear - one school at a time.

Our campaign is funded with private donations and corporate funds. Every dollar counts. You can help us spread our mission by donating to our campaign.

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If you had no fear, what would YOU do?

If you had no fear…

We are on a mission to reduce fear…. by creating access to health and wellness practices to build resilience for underserved marginalized groups and at-risk youth as part of trauma healing after a natural disaster, a personal crisis or domestic

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What others say

This was what I needed to do to feel empowered and help empower others...which is what comes around and makes me feel much much better (oh the human weakness of depending on others' wellbeing to be whole). If I can maintain the calm and help others maintain the calm, we all feel better...and in this situation overflowing with uncertainty, inner/outer chaos, and frustration, to feel better is priceless.

Rocio Figueroa Earthquake Survivor